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Hey..Its me, Arun Johns. Magic folds is a creative, educational and entertainment channel that deals with Origami. As you know Origami is an art of paper folding. In Origami, each and every folding of paper leads to a new creation, and hence it is a "Magic". That's why I choose the name "Magic Folds" for my channel. The passion of learning and creating things started in my school days, and it grew with me. Now it is one of my hobbies . So I would like to introduce some of my work through this channel as a tutorial, to bring out the artist in you guys, like a "Magic". I hope you guys will enjoy it.. Happy folding... _ Arun Johns Magic Folds
Hey its me, Arun Johns. In this channel I like to bring some footages of the nature around me. Which I see through my mobile phone camera. I would like to include all the beauty of the nature,animals,plants,insects in and around it. You may have seen much more clear videos than this through other channels or tv programs. But this is going to be my view perpective of things around me. Hope you guys will enjoy it and expecting your support..Thank you..
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